Construction and Quarry Dewatering

Certain construction projects and quarries may have the need to remove groundwater and control surface water in order for operations to continue. Too often the dewatering is ignored until there is a problem. However, a good desk study and site investigation can provide the information to ensure the dewatering project goes ahead smoothly.

Sweetwater Resources Ltd has the experience of working in contracting and therefore understands the theoretical and practical aspects which are required to design, construct and supervise practical and cost-effective dewatering projects. The various stages of a successful dewatering project are:

  • Desk study. To include an understanding of the needs of the project.
  • Site Investigation. It is important that the SI obtains the information needed for the dewatering design.
  • Design. To include:
    1. Design of the system including potential subsidence caused by dewatering which can extend outside of the construction site or quarry.
    2. Application for discharge consents from the EA and water companies. Application for Abstraction Licence from EA, if required.
    3. Environmental Impact Assessment for quarries. Most quarries and mines will need an EIA to be agreed by the Local Authority and the EA. Where dewatering occurs, it will be particularly important to assess and design mitigations measures to prevent damage to the environment.
    4. Treatment of discharge water, which will depend upon the results of the discharge consents and the EIA.
    5. It is important that the design is such that the operation is both easy and cost–effective to construct and maintain.
  • Supervision of construction. An unreliable system because it has been poorly constructed can have significant knock on impacts on the cost and programme of works.
  • Supervision of operation. Poor construction, especially drilling of boreholes can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the system
  • Planned maintenance. Where a scheme is to run for months, especially if the groundwater contains high level of iron, it is important there is a planned maintenance schedule to prevent reduction in the efficiency and/or stoppages of the dewatering scheme.

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