Remediation of Groundwater Contamination

Sweetwater resources approach is that the most practical and cost effective solutions are the best. They require an understanding of the following:

  • Legislation. There is an abundance of regulations pertaining to contaminated groundwater.
  • An appreciation of the client's business.
  • A thorough understanding of geology, hydrogeology, engineering geology and industrial history, site investigation and if required, remediation.
  • An assessment of contaminated groundwater using a risk based approach using a comprehensive understanding of actual ground conditions.


  • Desk studies, walk over studies, Phase 1 Preliminary Studies. A good desk study often provides the most value for money in the process of solving contaminated groundwater problems.
  • Site Investigations / Phase 2 Studies, both contamination and geotechnical. A good SI is required to produce practical and cost effective remediation of contaminated groundwater.
  • Risk assessments, generic and quantitative, using realistic data
  • Remediation option appraisals focusing on practical and cost-effective solutions.
  • Remediation and Remediation Verification
  • Monitoring

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