Water Supplies

Private water supplies may come from boreholes, springs and river abstraction. Less than 20 cubic metres/day does not require an abstraction licence. To abstract more than 20 cubic metres/day from a river or the ground via a well, borehole or spring, an application for an abstraction licence needs to be made to the Environment Agency.

The granting of an abstraction licence depends upon the availability of water and does not have to be granted by the EA. The process of obtaining an abstraction licence can be considered similar to receiving planning permission from a Local Authority.

Sweetwater Resources Ltd can undertake the following tasks:

  • Geological, hydrogeological and hydrological surveys for water supply boreholes, springs and river abstractions.
  • Designing and supervising the construction of water supply boreholes from depths of 10m to 1000m, including pumping tests.
  • Geophysical and hydrochemical logging of water supply boreholes.
  • Rehabilitating existing boreholes to overcome reduced yield and/or decline in water quality.
  • Acidisation of Chalk boreholes.
  • Hydrogeological Environment Impact assessments.
  • Negotiating with the Environment Agency for abstraction and discharge licences.
  • Section 32 Consents.
  • Private Water Supplies Regulations 2009. Advising local authorities and private owners on the PWSR 2009 together with designing and supervising  repairs to water supplies.

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