The Benefit of a Private Supply

There can be many reasons why a property would benefit from private water supply, be it a borehole, spring or river abstraction and/or if one already exist one maximize the benefits from ownership and/or reduce the costs of it’s operation.

The Cost of Water
  • Water cost from approximately 90p to 160p per m3
  • At 10 cubic metres/day, cost varies from approximately £3,200 to £5,200 per year or £16,400 to £29,200 over 5 years.

To abstract more than 20 cubic metres/day from a river or the ground via a well, borehole or spring an application for an abstraction needs to be made to the Environment Agency. The granting of an abstraction licence depends upon the availability of water and does not have to be granted by the EA. The process of obtaining an abstraction licence can be considered similar to receiving planning permission from a Local Authority.

Hosepipe Ban

In summer there are far more hose pipe bans. Where a private garden has involved expenditure of £10,000s to £100,000s plus annual running costs of £10,000s; then it may be required to sink a borehole to ensure adequate irrigation during hosepipe bans.

If there is a hosepipe ban , a property can abstract up to 20 cubic metres/day of groundwater without a need for an abstraction licence from the Environment Agency. Where a considerable investment has been made on the garden, swimming pool and water features, both financially and in time, then a water supply is often important.

Mains connection too expensive

If a property is far from the mains supply, connecting to it can cost £1000s and it can be much cheaper to sink a borehole or abstract from a nearby river.

Low pressure or flow from the Mains

By law water companies only have to deliver a flow of 9 litres/min and 1 bar pressure. Flow and pressure in some areas has reduced. Therefore if a property lies at an elevation above mains water supply from the water company and/or the distribution system on the property is a 100 metres or even a 1000 metres long, it may be required to sink a borehole to ensure an adequate supply. Some houses, even in London where there are a number of power showers in use, large baths/jacuzzis, swimming pools and irrigation systems, then the mains water supply may be too low with regard to flow and pressure.

Any development of a property should always assess any increased water consumption. If the mains supply is inadequate then a borehole may have to be sunk or water abstracted from a river if available. If water is not present or the borehole is too expensive, then water consumption may have to be reduced. If a reduction in mains pressure and flow rate is sufficiently great an installation of a booster pump at the properties boundary may be required. However, the construction of borehole, spring or river abstraction may provide a more convenient solution.

Non Chlorinated Water Supply

Some nurseries consider plants grow better with a non chlorinated water supply.

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